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I recently spent the day at a gigantic software corporation for a conference. Besides sticking out like a sore thumb in my super cute orange striped tunic (aka the Michelle uniform), lunch was the big highlight of the day. Usually these types of events cater something easy like sandwiches, but not this unnamed gigantic software corporation. They served salad, rice pilaf, and a choice of chicken breast or hazelnut patty. What to do in this conundrum? Chicken breast is sure to be dry and bland, but hazelnut patty sounds strange and vegetarian. Always risk adverse and sensible, I took one of each option.

food plate

Hazelnut patty on top of chicken breast... yum!

First of all, what is the deal with rice pilaf? Am I supposed to like it? It seems like something invented just for airplane food and crappy catering. Am I missing some magical essential rice pilaf experience?

I took one bite of the chicken breast and ruled that guy out. It was a gigantic chicken breast too so I felt pretty wasteful. It is like my dad always jokes, “The food is terrible, but at least they give you a lot of it.”

The hazelnut patty, pictured on top with a blob of marinara, saved my day. It was actually kind of awesome. It was crunchy and hearty and tasted like food. I made some friends at the table talking about the lunch offering and then finished my meal with a slice from some sort of gigantic birthday cake. (Seriously, if their software was designed like their catering… oh wait.)

During the lunch break, they made an announcement for all the vegetarians that they were preparing more hazelnut patty. Either the patty was a huge hit or an awful lot of software nerds are becoming vegetarians.