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Miso-glazed Black Cod – 48 hour marinade » digest LA
Miso-glazed black cod - day 3

Miso-glazed black cod - day 3

It was the third day of miso marinade on the black cod and do you think I was scared to eat 3 day old fish? A little bit, but not really. I am putting my faith in this Epicurious recipe. Plus I made sure to check the fish before I cooked it. So did it taste any better day 3? I think the marinade got sweeter over time, but otherwise it wasn’t much different than marinading it over night. It tasted pretty awesome either way, but would probably be too sweet for weaker women than me by day 3.

To be honest, the cod tasted great every day so I got way more excited about changing my salad a little bit every day. For today’s salad, I used spring mix and baby spinach. In the salad I put tomatoes, carrots, grapefruit, a tiny bit of sliced onion and the best part… toasted pine nuts. I used the same dressing as yesterday because I think it is perfectly simple. Now all I can think about is all the stuff in my kitchen that will be great in my next salad. My eyes have been totally opened to how good a simple salad can be when you put a little love into it.

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