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Miso-glazed Black Cod – 24 hour marinade » digest LA
Miso-glazed black cod - day 2

Miso-glazed black cod - day 2

I am not sure I realized what a commitment this black cod experiment was going to be. Here I am, planning to go out around dinner time, so I had to make my day 2 version and eat a late lunch/early dinner… linner. Luckily, black cod is amazing so I win either way.

So my pops was worried that the marinade may contain an acid, which would cook the fish in the fridge. It doesn’t seem to. The glaze/marinade/whatever it is contains sugar, white miso, sake and mirin. Mirin is a sweet rice wine. I checked around for a few other recipes and they are all the same as the Epicurious one except they only call for 24 hours of marinade. Here’s the recipe that someone posted for Nobu’s famous version of the dish.

Does it taste better day 2? I think so. One problem with the fish may be that I am grilling it instead of broiling it. I am scared of the drawer broiler in my kitchen. I also updated yesterday’s salad dressing. With the same base as yesterday, I added a bit of balsamic vinegar and honey to the dressing and onion to the salad. I think the grapefruit juice needs a bit of balsamic to compete with the olive oil.

  • joanna

    grilling and broiling are basically the same thing.

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