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tuna melt from The Point

tuna melt from The Point

The other day, I walked from my office to this little spot called The Point. The Point is a tiny breakfast and lunch counter in an office building. It was created by Mark Peel who is a famous chef in LA. He also owns Campanile and Tar Pit, two well known LA restaurants. I was standing waiting for my tuna melt sandwich when I noticed a man turn a table over and start fixing a wobbily leg. He then turned the table right side up and came over to the counter and started talking to me. Like any dedicated Top Chef Master viewer would, I immediately recognized him as Mark Peel from season 1.

I was pretty excited to be meeting my second Top Chef Master. Just the week before I had eaten dinner at Susan Feniger’s Street and told her I loved her short ribs. I took my little tuna melt to an outside table and thought how funny it is to live in Los Angeles and meet culinary celebrities just like that. But then it hit me… when I am sitting at home watching Top Chef, I really want to be tasting the food on the show. But I am eating these chefs’ food all the time. I have had Marcel’s animal fries, Rick Bayless’s camarones, Susan Feniger’s kalbi and Mark Peel’s tuna. Sometimes it is really good and sometimes it is just okay, just like all the non-celebrity chefs’ restaurants. I still haven’t tried Elan’s bacon-wrapped matzoh ball, but that just sounds silly. On Labor Day, my friend’s chef boyfriend will make us all skewers on the grill again and those I guarantee, will taste amazing.

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