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toast at First & Hope

toast at First & Hope

Me: I went to a restaurant the other night where the theme is Supper Club and the waitstaff uniforms were designed by the costume designer from Mad Men.

My sister: LA is weird.

LA is weird is right. Never go to a restaurant that spends more energy on waitstaff uniforms than on their food. First & Hope in Downtown LA clearly does that. They also spend a lot of time on presentation.


oyster - the best of the worst

mac and cheese

mac and cheese

tater tots

tater tots - the worst of the worst

I think I should also make a rule not to go to restaurants that feature food from the 50s and 60s. The middle of the 20th century was a terrible time for American cuisine. Just because fashion was awesome then doesn’t mean you should build a restaurant around it.

  • Patrick johnson

    Your view of First & Hope is so far off the mark and frankly unsolicited.

    SO I noticed here you hosted a brunch, Imagine if you will, your friend comes and takes photos and reviews your efforts, what if they talked about how they didn’t like the way you decorated your house and hated the plates even thought that what you were wearing were was tacky! Then they start in on how they hate the choices you made for what to serve and hated the way you cooked. You spent a lot of time and research and money and blood sweat and tears and then someone comes along and tears it all apart and does not care that it might hurt your feelings and make other people not want to come to your house for brunch.

    That is how it feels when a restaurant gets taken apart by someone on line.

    Words are powerful and if you feel you are doing a service to your “readers” by keeping them from a bad time thats fine. But know that there are real people behind each and everyone of these places and what you say does effect their business and there moral.

    I am so tired of the many bully pulpits where uninvited reviews litter the WWW landscape

  • admin

    Thank you for your unsolicited comment. I appreciate hearing what others think about my little blog.

    Sorry if I was unclear. The presentation and outfits at First & Hope were really nice. It was the food that tasted terrible.

    That’s my unsolicited opinion. I hope it does impact the business causing First & Hope to pay more attention to the quality of the food. When I start a brunch business in my apartment, I will happily accept your criticisms.

  • The Dad

    Must be a California thing. If I offer a product I should be judged by that product. What else? Who came up with …”but it will hurt my feelings or self-image?” Well, it should, so you improve. Or find alternate employment. Maybe students in California should be made to read “The Emperor’s New Clothes” by Hans Christian Andersen. Unless they can’t read but no one wanted to make them feel bad about it.

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