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Cream of Mushroom Soup

Cream of Mushroom Soup

Hot on the heels of the success of the Potato Leek Soup; I moved on to the next recipe, Cream of Mushroom Soup. This one was a bit more work than Potato Leek and not vegetarian. You start by making a roux out of onions softened in butter and flour. Then you add chicken stock and mushroom stems. Since I only had store-bought chicken broth, I got to add parsley and thyme from my garden to improve the flavor. It was my first time using my home grown herbs in a recipe. Anyway you simmer the base for 20 minutes, then strain it, and then add mushrooms sliced and cooked slowly in butter and simmer more. I tasted the soup at every step and it was amazing. So rich tasting.

Right before serving, you mix up some egg yolks and cream. Slowly add the soup to the mixture so as not to just make scrambled eggs. Once it is incorporated, cook 2 minutes and then serve. For some reason, the addition of cream and eggs sort of ruined the soup for me. It still tasted good, but lost all that amazing richness it had before. It is possible I messed up on the last step. I did rush through separating of the egg yolks and may have lost some yolk in the process.

I am not sure that this counts officially as a velouté because it is a soup and not a sauce, but I am going to count is as my first velouté*. If you are wondering, a velouté is one of the four mother sauces of French cuisine. This is all making the horror on Top Chef last season when Frenchman Mattin made a velouté sauce with bacon and served it to Chef of the Century, Joel Robuchon, make a bit more sense.

*Since I started keeping official records.

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