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seafood assorment

Seafood Assortment - Before & After

The review I found for this restaurant in Cannes, where I am working for the next 2 weeks, said it had “Clams, praires, palourdes.” The Google translation for that was “clams, clams, clams.” I figured I had to try a restaurant with 3 different words for clams. Looking around, everyone was eating the seafood assortment so I ordered it as well. The assortment had no description, but what arrived was a platter of large snails, raw oysters, raw clams, langostinos, prawns and small snails. I was tentative at first, but the meal was delicious. I especially liked the large snails. I got up to my elbows in the seafood while capoeiristas performed out front. I resisted the urge to jump in the roda with them and enjoyed a fine French meal.

  • The Dad

    That first time we were in Paris, eating in Montmartre, some people ordered an assortment of sea food–including shrimps with their heads on–which came atop crushed ice on a plain zinc tray. I think it may’ve been called fleur de mer or something like that. I think it was expensive. Which was immaterial since I’d already ordered my coquille St Jacques and was quite happy with them.

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