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Baron, Bourbon and Doughnuts

Baron, Bourbon and Doughnuts

Last night a bunch of us visited Grace Restaurant for their Bourbon and Doughnut flight. Once we all sat down, we realized that we didn’t really know what a Bourbon and Doughnut flight was. We also realized that we were pretty hungry. So we started with a meal.

pork chop

Pork Chop

Brian ordered the pork chop. He wasn’t sure between the chop and the shank, but since none of us knew definitively what a shank is, he got the chop. The chop was big enough to feed the whole table.

Scallops and English Pea Risotto

I ordered the scallops, but cobbled together a tasting menu by also trying out the pasta, beet salad, olive oil poached halibut and the pork chop. The scallops were definitely my favorite. Of course, scallops are probably what I would order as my last meal (maybe a little surf and turf).

Here is a little Michelle origin story about my love of scallops… When I was just a wee scallop in my mom’s belly, she went to Paris with my father. He was on a business trip, but couldn’t pass up the opportunity to take my mom to that classy city. I think it was both of their first times in Paris. They agreed that every night, one would order the seafood special of the night and the other the… uhhh… mammal special. On the first night, the seafood special was Coquilles St. Jacques. My mom loved it so much that she preceded to spend the entire trip ordering it at every restaurant. Because I gobbled up so many scallops before I was even born, I was bound to love them.

my parents in france in the 80s

My parents in France

Here is a picture that I really love of my parents in France, years later.

  • The Dad

    Usually Michelle gets it right. She gets everything right. But this time, since she wasn’t quite ‘done’ while in her ‘first’ trip to Paris, (4 1/2 months before she was born) let me elaborate. My cousin Manolo–about the nicest person who ever lived–died much too young. (Michelle is named after him) and we decided that we would select a trip from the next MIT travel brochure. Those were always too expensive but I said, what the hell. we better go somewhere. (MIT travel brochures are still too expensive. Other grads must’ve done much better than us)
    Next brochure they had a trip to Paris, the one place I always wanted to visit. We took it. And as Michelle sais we decided we would alternate, take the ’specialty de la maisson’ and one night poisson and one viande. Well the first night, after much back and forth when they asked how I wanted the viande done until finally we came up with medium after which they served me . . . ta da . . . T-bone steak and frites. The meat was raw. Mooing. While Ruth had a lovely piece of flounder she wouldn’t share. This was at a lovely restaurant 1/2 a block from the champs Elysee. (forgive spelling please) Next night we ate at a restautant in Montmartre.

  • The Dad

    Part II
    The specials of the day were veal and Coquille St Jacques. Ruth tasted one of the scallops and declared her veal inedible, demanding my scallops. I tasted the veal and it was fine. Good in fact. But these scallops were the best I have ever had in my life, including later versions at a 1 and 2 star French Restaurants. So indeed, Ruth abandoned the specialty of the house approach and ordered St Jacques every day we stayed in Paris, no doubt causing Michelle’s affinity to the bivalves.. Ruth and I even returned to Wepler’s towards the end but it wasn’t the same. We have been to paris since and I’ve even offered to go there but Ruth has shown no interest. My serving of Wepler scallops are the scallops of legend.

  • admin

    Thanks Dad. I tricked you into writing for my blog. DId Manolo end up going on the trip to Paris? I never realized he was related to the story.

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