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poached eggs

Poached Eggs for Joe's Breakfast

The third best thing about my vacation at my sister’s apartment in JC is that I can practice cooking techniques and she and her husband, distracted caring for a baby, will eat whatever I put in front of them. That might not sound like much, but you can’t get much practice cooking for one and it is hard to judge your own work. Of course, as new parents, they seem happy to have any food plopped in front of them.

I have really been wanting to make poached eggs on my own since the Mother’s Day cooking class so I seized the opportunity to experiment. I added vinegar and salt to the water and brought it just short of boiling and then lowered the temperature. You have to do a lot of fiddling with the heat to maintain a good poaching temperature. I tried swirling the water before lowering the egg in, but that really just forced the yolk to the outside. I got the best results by not swirling the water and just slowly lowering the egg into the water. Perfect pouch! Because the temperature of the water keeps changing, the ideal cooking time changes as well. I poached the eggs around 3 minutes, but by the time I got to my own eggs, they were slightly more medium than the previous eggs.

poached eggs

my poached eggs - a bit medium

They were still really good and far from overcooked. The brioche we got from Fresh Direct was also delicious. Today I am going to make chocolate butter to go with french toast for tomorrow’s breakfast. We’re going to need a bigger brioche.

Happy Anniversary J + J!

  • joanna

    three cheers for aunt michelle!

  • The Dad

    The eggs look good enough to eat

  • http://www.eggpoacher.net/egg-poacher-instructions.php egg poacher instructions

    Oh wow I just love the way eggs look ..so fantastic.

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