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For 15 years, I lived a pretty standard New York existence, I went to NYU, met a guy, got married, started a career, made fun of LA. Then one day after my husband moved out leaving me to kill the millionth cockroach in our crappy Williamsburg apartment above a bakery (the L was probably not running either), I realized I could do with a change of scenery. So I moved to LA.

As a side note, I am still not divorced yet. Some judge in NY just has to sign something and then it will be final. Betty Draper is going to be divorced before I am.

NY Michelle

LA Michelle

I can’t say I love LA yet. So far, I find it a bit weird. For example:

  1. Everyone at restaurants is obsessed with taking your leftovers home with you. “Oh do you want to take that half of a cheeseburger home with you?” No, that’s disgusting. Who eats old french fries or soggy cheeseburgers? I’m a little person, I don’t eat that much, but it doesn’t mean I want to spend the next 3 days eating the same cheeseburger (unless it is an Umami Burger, then “yes. please!”)
  2. Waitstaff constantly want you to customize your order. me: “I’ll have a BLT with fries” “Do you want bacon in that?” me: “Yes.” “How about tomato?” me: “Yes, I want a BLT.” “Do you want salad instead of fries?” me: “Are you f*ing with me?”
  3. If you ever see guys that sound like they are straight out of Queens and look like you would see them at a Mets game, they moved to LA because of observation #2. I guess they got tired of getting beat up for requesting cottage cheese instead of home fries.
  4. Okay I get it, LA loves its celebrities. Last night, my awesome friend Richard took me to see Conan O’Brien on his comedy tour. He had guest appearances from Jon Hamm (hot), Jack McBrayer (why?), Jim Carrey (in a Superman suit), Jonah Hill (I saw him at a restaurant, see I am cool too), and Aziz Ansari (whoever that is). Before the show started, people started applauding and I looked up to see David Spade walking with his date to his seat in the audience. NYers ignore celebrities and even knock into them rushing to the subway.

All that being observed, I am still trying to make a go of it over here on the left coast. I have a nice apartment with a balcony (that I am sitting on right now), a little container garden, and a big kitchen. I am starting this blog to document my experiences in LA especially as it has to do with cooking experiments and eating out. LA has some good eats.

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